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7 Key Nutrients Every Puppy Needs For Overall Health

A puppy's immune system is very delicate which makes them susceptible to infections and illness. This is why they require Vitamin E in their diets to support their natural defences. DHA is another great ingredient to look out for as it helps support brain development. They also gain 5-10% of body weight each day over the first few weeks, so your pup will require protein to build strong muscles, an optimal Ca:P ratio to support their bones and teeth, glucosamine to support healthy joints and a blend of zinc and omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. They will also require dietary fibre to support digestive health.

While home-cooked food might seem like the healthier option to many pet parents, such meals are inadequate in nutrients (or the proportion of nutrients) unless they are prepared by a veterinary nutritionist. On the other hand, packaged puppy food offers complete and balanced nutrition, digestibility, safety, palatability, diversity and consistency. In fact, kibble is also known to provide a better chew (as compared to soft home-cooked food) which is beneficial for dental health.


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